The media is in uproar over the long delays at American airports. Thankfully this must not include Indianapolis.
Check-In: ~ 3 minutes. Company has an agreement with Frontier that gets me their “Ascent” status which is their higher end Frequent Flier program. The normal line would have been well over 45 minutes.
Security: ~ 5 minutes. Seriously, it took me longer to take shoes off and to go through the “blowing in my ear” machine than anything else. No major lines.
Restrictions: People were guzzling water just before they got on the plane (including yours truly). TSA set up a WalMart folding table and started randomly frisking/searching people. Guess I wasn’t the lucky number…but the grandma behind me was. Nothing like feeling up grandma with blue gloves on.
Oh and since this was GenCon weekend in Indy, flight was full of geeks which is much nicer than a flight full of grumpy business types. Don’t know if it’s a good/bad thing feeling more comfortable with 5 guys wearing their favorite superhero shirts or the stuffy business suit types.