Due to two troubling incidents, Andi and Andrea have been moved out of our home. No, we didn’t do anything, but I can’t go into details since they are both minors and can’t discuss possible criminal proceedings for one. The other decided that she would be happy elsewhere.
DeAnn and I are done with Foster Care “for the forseeable future”. We were already burnt out from the Andrew saga, and with various things that were going on in the background with other kids; it’s time for us to focus on the four that live with us full time (and Krystal when she comes out to visit).
And the good/bad news for today?
Nathan went to the dentist today. One small cavity but he loves the place. He was all excited about going to the dentist. Guess it doesn’t take much to make his day. 🙂 Yes, he was wide awake for the entire process.