Well, after a brief discussion and some soul searching, Emily once again will be taking an international trip. Last time it was London with Grandma. This time, she will be attending (pending approval) a trip to Australia in July with People to People Student Ambassadors. The trip is a 18 day excurison where she will live with the group and with a family in Australia living in a slightly different culture.
This trip can be described as “pricey”, so Emily will be doing a significant amount of fundraising on her own to pay for a percentage of the trip (mom and dad have committed an amount as well, but Emily is going to be doing some significant work to earn her portion). So if some of you are thinking of Christmas presents for Emily, think “cash for trip” 🙂
I will be opening a seperate savings account for Emily tomorrow to keep all funds she raises. Also, taking advantage of my PayPal account, I’ve put a link on the blog for those of you who wish to donate to this adventure.

I’ll update everyone on the status of the trip as this moves forward.