There has been a bunch of talk all over the Internet about Chavez’s words and the reactions to those words (especially for the oil company Citgo which is owned by the Venezuelan government). I for one, usually use Citgo since it’s just down the street from my house. There have been numerous stations all over the city switching brands back and forth, including my local staiton switching to Citgo within the past couple of years.
So I decided to e-mail my local Citgo gas station owner to ask what their plans were with the brand. Apparently 7-11 isn’t really making this choice themselves.

Thanks for contacting us regarding your concerns about Citgo and its ties to Chavez and Venezuela. They are timely because Citgo recently announced that they are pulling out of 10 states including Ohio. Because we operate most of our Citgo locations in Ohio, they are also allowing us to exit our contract with them in Indiana. We are currently shopping for a new brand to replace them, and you should see a change in Huntington in the next few months.
This is a sad time for a once proud American company. There are many folks in both Tulsa and Houston who are going to lose long-term careers over one man’s false illusions.

Sounds like any 7-11 in those ten states would not have had a choice in the matter.