Not many pictures today, because we ended up finding a replacement CPAP machine which was replaced for free by the manufacturer. What it did require however was a trip to the suburbs of Sydney. After a $50 taxi ride, we were able to see the lovely town of Hurstville.
Hurstville is a nice suburb about 30 minutes south of downtown, and after a short wait, we were able to get a brand new machine (for free) and it was the latest model to boot. 🙂 The store was located across from a giant Westfield shopping mall, so it took us only a few seconds to decide to visit the place.
One observation, malls are malls, especially when they are run by Westfield. Only difference here is the mall included a “fresh food” area which had all sorts of extremely fresh meats and seafood. The big store in the mall was K-Mart, which was humorous to walk through.
So after our mall excursion, we decided to head back and took the train to Sydney station. Australian transit is very similar to BritRail, except without the very handy maps, so I was worried we were on the wrong train until we pulled into Sydney Central. A quick cab ride to the hotel, and life was good.
Since it was raining most of the day today, we decided to take in the Aquarium which is about 100 feet from the hotel. You can see that the Aquarium and Disney must have had some sort of partnership when they did “Finding Nemo” since they prominently had their likenesses all over the place. The place is quite dark, so not too many decent pictures to share. Tons of video which may get uploaded at some point.
A quick night of shopping for DeAnn and we’re calling it a day for now. Tomorrow is the Blue Mountains tour and we’ll definitely have tons of pictures then.