Day One of “full immersion” in Hong Kong….
#1. If I had to just eat Chinese food for the rest of my life, I’d be thin in about four weeks. The stuff is just awful. Yes, we’ve tried quite a few things, but honestly, it’s mostly gross. Sorry if that doesn’t make me a “multi-cultural” person but soy sauce to me is just gross.
#2. Downtown looks like it would be fun, but nothing that would make me sell the house and move the kids here.
#3. Chinese acting on TV is absolutely horrible. Cheesy. We’re stuck watching bad Chinese soap operas and they remind me of a bad high school play.
#4. Classes are good, nice balance between the “pro-mainland” and “capitalists”. The pro-mainland guys just keep forgetting how Communism has killed tens of millions over the past few decades.
#5. The people with British citizenship will talk freely about politics anytime. Others, not as much.
Oh yeah, met the first female CEO of a Chinese corporation today and the managing editor of China Daily. Nice people, they still need more English speakers.
Nothing really great to upload today, probably will be sparse on pictures the next couple of days with classes and everything. But I will blog more later. Good night from Hong Kong.