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Yesterday was the last day of our classes and tours. We have been meeting with two lecturers in the morning, and then going on one or two company visits while in Hong Kong. The university has done a really great job in tying in the lecture subject matter to the tours in the afternoon. At the end of all of this, there is a large paper to be handed in with our interpretations of where Hong Kong is going. More on that later.
The pictures are in order, so I’ll take you through yesterday’s events.
Yesterday morning, I walked down to the ATM to grab some cash (HK$400 ~ US$53) and that will easily get us through a day of shopping, taxis, and such. Class runs from 9:00 until 12:30, then we’re off for our tours.
First stop is the Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery on Victoria Island. It’s a nice place, but the kept asking two questions about the entire exhibit.
#1. The revitalization project kicks out alot of people from their homes, what if they don’t want to leave?
#2. Who is paying for these multiple, multi-billion dollar projects?
The first question was answered by our tour guide, there is supposedly a vote and if 80% agree to move, then it’s a done deal. So much for property rights… The second was unanswered.
Next visit was to the penthouse of the Wing Lung Bank in downtown. Nice building, beautiful penthouse offices for the executive staff, right up to the butlers who wear white gloves and everything. I’ll get into the structure of the bank in my paper, but there were many old habits that they have yet to toss.
After that, we went down to the marina for a harbour cruise with dinner. The entertainment video was shared on my previous post. Nice views of the skyline, but my camera died, so I’m without pictures for the rest of the evening. We stopped briefly at Temple Street market and picked up a few trinkets.
Right now, I’m trying to fight off a cold, so we’re skipping the tour this morning and will try to rest up for the Island tour tomorrow.