After our late morning, we decided to take a trip to buy me a new suit. Took a taxi (and paid the ransom of HK$15=$2US) to the mall.
It’s the same mall which has the THANK YOU JESUS IT’S REAL FOOD!! restaurant. Nice ice skating rink and some of the kids were quite talented. After a quick breakfast at McDonald’s we headed off to buy me a tailored suit.
Bravo HK on your subway system. Better than London in some respects, but once again, when you have to interconnect a postage stamp sized piece of land…you better get it right. 🙂 Nice idea having the trains open on both ends…makes it much easier and simpler to move around. Talked to some Germans who bought a PS3 for HK$3300 (about US$450) from a department store….might have to make a visit. Anyhow, after the suit fitting and such, we headed down to the Ladies Market.
OK, I think this trip has made me claustrophobic. Tons and tons of people pulling you aside to buy touristy crap. There were a few cool items which will be coming home with us, but you will have to wait and see what they are. 😉 Anyhow, that’s all for this afternoon. We’re taking a break (I’m getting congested…going to lie down for a bit again) but here’s a humourous piece of Hong Kong that is obviously not safe for work or little eyes.
And mom, if you show it to Emily, she will be cackling for about a month.
Not Safe For Work Unless You Speak Cantonese