Sorry this is late, but when we got back today, I ended up passing out for about three hours, so the pictures and such are uploading now.
Went to Lantau Island, which is the largest (and least populated) of the major islands in Hong Kong. The place is essentially isolated, due mostly to the terrain and such. I have a feeling with property prices and the such, that will not last long.
The place is very interesting, with a number of fishing villages turned tourist traps along the way. It also is home to the largest bronze sitting Buddah in the world, which you can see from the various images I took today.
Had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant today….not bad, but most of the stuff was very very bland. Should have brought some BBQ sauce to try to liven it up.
The apex of our journey was the SkyRail ride, which dangles you from a cable for about four miles. Needless to say, I went on it, I survived it, and no panic attacks 🙂
After the tour, we picked up my new suit and got some dinner. Headed back to the hotel and crashed and now of course I’m wired and typing this post. Going to write a bit for the big paper due in the next couple of weeks and will try to crash again.
Tomorrow is sort of wide open. We head to mainland China on Monday, so we’ll probably finish packing tonight!!!