Easy…go to Disney without them. 🙂
OK, before the kids start figuring out ways to whack me when I walk in the door, let me fill you in on the story behind Disneyland Hong Kong.
a). Like Hong Kong, the park is the size of a postage stamp.
b). Like Hong Kong, the food mostly consists of “Cantonese Quisine”
c). Unlike Hong Kong, it is not crowded. In fact, I would qualify the park as “dead”.
Pictures from today can be found here…
Cinderella’s castle looks like someone let the air out of it, and the four or five major rides were exact clones of the ones in Florida. In fact, we did not ride a single ride in the park. Don’t worry, we didn’t miss much.
The subway which drops off right in front of the park is incredibly conveinent and cheap. $18HK for the trip to the park from our hotel which adds up to about $2.25US.
We came back early from the park, and had our final dinner at Dan Ryan’s which was honestly the most memorable portion of thr trip. Went back down to Mong Kok (the market district) and didn’t find what we were looking for, but maybe we will tomorrow.
Off to mainland China tomorrow for our last full day overseas. Already got our seat assignments for the flight home and hopefully we’ll have an open slot between us for the long flight home.
More pictures tomorrow!