I have to echo Derek’s sentiments about the whole VTech massacre (which was close to my friend Greg’s home near Roanoke). But I’m seeing a trend forming in the media surrounding this incident.
#1. Gun Control.
#2. Putting away “Psycho” People.
#3. Increased Security.
Unfortunately I see all three “solutions” as bad. Gun Control has failed miserably, not because it is not strict enough, but the “guns=bad” culture that has developed has scared sh*tless most people from guns.
Putting away people with emotional or personality disorders is just barbaric. We tried this up until the 1970’s and it didn’t make the problem any better, it just put good people in cages.
And slapping a metal detector on every door is a money consuming waste of time. Start getting in peoples way and they will figure a way around it.