OK, I lied. Another post from the trip.
Interesting post on Instapundit today, regarding more quality control issues with China. We saw these issues first hand, during our meetings with our various Chinese businessmen and companies. I actually wrote about this scenario in my final paper….

If Dr. Ko’s cavalier attitude about avoiding U.S. Customs control is pervasive throughout China, this type of tragedy could be the start of increasingly stricter border and trade controls. Poisoning thousands of pets are one thing, if the contaminated wheat gluten had reached the U.S. human food chain, it very well could start a trade embargo or possibly an open conflict between two nuclear powers.
It is without a doubt that the Chinese government and economists worldwide are aware of these issues noted in my humble paper. The question left is if these issues are not as dire as I have put them, or if the profits being generated are overshadowing the consequences of these decisions. In the case of the latter, a correction is probably on the horizon, most likely driven by events similar to what we saw recently in the news.

The Chinese business culture almost seems to relish their ability to sneak around our border and information controls in order to make a buck. While I am sure there are countless Chinese businesses who wish to follow the world example, it is the “success without repercussion” of these few exporters that will eventually bring China to a screetching halt….