It’s 10:30 out here in the frozen wasteland of Indiana….and it’s quiet in the Wohlgemuth household. Not that it wasn’t an entertaining night.

  • Nathan bounced back from his 103 temp this morning and was up to seeing his new school.
  • Went to the Andrews School Chicken Noodle Dinner and spent a good hour walking Nathan around what will be his new school next year (unless someone comes up with a totally awesome private Kindergarten around here).
  • Came home and puttered around the house. Nathan ebbed towards the end of the night and headed up to bed.
  • I was finally able to watch an entire Super14 Rugby match without massive interruptions (and thanks to my DVR, got through the match in about 20 minutes)

Making out a chore list for the kids this weekend, just trying to stay on top of things…