Gotta love it when some genius gets a new plane and thinks it’s time to show off to the neighbors.
Working as I normally do when I hear a twin turboprop come screaming over the house. OK, no big deal. May have been a low approach, but it can happen and move on.
Five minutes later, here he comes again. This time I go out and find him and his King Air clipping over the trees at about 300 feet. He doesn’t have it wide open, but he’s clearly doing over 150kts. My neighbor (who is a pilot) walks out as well and we comment on the genius when he does another turn further down the road at a 30+ degree bank, still at 300 feet.
Now, if you have a plane and want to do something stupid, by all means have fun. Just don’t do it over a populated area. If he would have lost an engine, he would have had only a second or two to adjust and pull out. I called the airfield, and was given the official reason that “he is practicing his approaches”. I’ve never seen anyone approach at 300 feet to an airport that is almost three miles away…must be something new.
Or it’s just another idiot with his new toy joyriding….