In DC for a day for a quick meeting with my largest (and best) customer. Flew in on a plane that is only a few years younger than I.
Northwest DC-9/30
After I landed in BWI, got the really nice Nissan Pathfinder and headed down 295 to my hotel. Unfortunately Google Maps is quite sure that you can break traffic laws and after a very nice tour of the non-touristy parts of DC, I finally found my hotel (about three blocks from Arlington National Cemetery).
Company put me up in the Hotel Palomar….fancy place, valets everywhere. Good thing I had some cash for tips and such. Decent view of the Potomac, and the room is incredible. Then again, I’d be happy staying at a cheaper place where I could get my car without a headache and drive around.
If I had more time, I’d take a walk around for a bit, but I’m beat and I think I’ll just grab a snack and enjoy a quiet evening in front of the TV. More later!