Yeah, that was one of the happier moments….. 🙂 More pictures below.

Florida/Caribbean 2008 – Day One

Rented a boat for $45 and drove/tootled/whatever you would call it around the lagoon by Downtown Disney. 30 minutes of something new for this family for $45 is a bargain. Kids had a blast, I have more pictures but left the damn cable at home. Heading up to WalMart shortly to remedy that situation.
Had to pick up a pair of “fancy” sandals for the cruise, also hit the Big Dog store and grabbed a bunch of new polos for almost nothing. Happy daddy. 🙂
Ended the day in the pool at our hotel and we decided to flip for an extra room. Talk about peace….should have done this before. Was able to get the room next to use for a steal and it has a King Size bed to boot (along with a hot tub).
Kids are getting hungry and the pizza is on its way. Looks to be an early night tonight.