We all met up for dinner after getting cleaned up from the beach. Sorry for the lack of pictures from that, but most of the time was spent taking Nathan and little Emily out into the ocean. After a quick dip in the pond pool this hotel has, we all met downstairs and headed out to TGIFridays for dinner.
After a decent meal, we had an our to kill so we headed to the only open store in the area (Books-A-Million) and promptly discovered that it was possible to finish a novel inside of the store before paying for it due to the snails pace it took to get checked out and asked if we wanted twenty-seven different magazine subscriptions.
Finally it was time to head to Cocoa’s fireworks display (since Cocoa Beach cancelled their display to national fanfare). A quick drive around the place was where we found people parking on the middle of bridges, on sidewalks, in front of bank doors; pretty much anywhere you could put a car. Instead of risking the rental cars, we went back to our side of the bridge and parked on the side (along with everyone else) and walked up the causeway to be underwhelmed by the fireworks display. Luckily, everyone in our party had the same thought to vacate before the finale and we beat out the traffic back toward the hotel.
Finally we crashed at the hotel and after a quick search of the weather sites, it looks like the Caribbean’s first storm of the year is heading close to our ports of destination. Wednesday is supposed to be our visit to St. Maarten, so hopefully Bertha has decided to make a more northernly move. We will see…..