Internet is quite expensive out here at sea, so I’ll try to blog as much as I can in as little Internet time as necessary.
Day Three was….interesting. Attitudes and fears and whatever have thankfully evaporated away into a fun time for all.
Today we stopped at Nassau for a brief tour of the city. Spent a few hours visiting Atlantis, the largest, best, etc, etc, etc resort in the world. We were done in an hour. Had Steven and Justin with the Wohlgemuth Crew while Dennis and Lisa went to Senor Frogs. We’re all a bit beat, but we’re having fun. Kids are doing a good job now that they have made friends, sorted out each other’s habits, and are now playing well and having fun. This is a good ship for families, but we’re all now talking about an adult cruise sometime next year. Australia looks to be pushed to 2010 for sure….
More later, hope you enjoyed the highlights for the last couple of days. Due to bandwidth and wallet restrictions, these are all the pictures I can share at the moment! More later!