Today was our last order of call, St. Maarten (or St. Martin, if you are a snooty French person). This was our “big day out” with the combined Wohlgemuth/Geraghty/Welch family and our visit around the island.
St. Maarten is an island divided, one side is Dutch and the other side is French. We met our tour manager Bernard who led us to our tour guide Thomas. After some haggling, we were able to get a fully private tour (with 13 people, we’re already larger than most tour groups). šŸ™‚
First stop was in and around Phillipsburg, a quick souvenier stop where we literally found trinkets and that was it (sorry Deb, we must have hit eight different stores….zero for eight). A quick drive through the rest of Phillipsburg brought us to Maho Beach. For those of you that aren’t aviation geeks, Maho Beach is at the end of Princess Juliana airport which is the second busiest airport in the Caribbean. The planes literally clear your heads by 20-30 feet. As you can see below. Video of a 737 landing which we were lucky enough to witness will be uploaded once we’re on land.
After we left Maho, we spent lunch on the beach where the kids (and one adult) had a great time in the sand. After a lunch to forget, we spent the rest of the afternoon touring around the island, seeing it’s wildlife as shown below….
Great tour from our guide Thomas who really customized the tour for what we wanted to see. We’re all getting ready for dinner, etc and most of us are pretty wiped at this point. Looking forward to a quiet day at sea tomorrow….