Blogging is a great tool, since it allows me to cover so many facets about life, the universe, and everything and be able to get it to all of you in such a short amount of time. Today was our day at sea, and we literally covered every conceivable emotion in the Wohlgemuth family between the kids, the ship, and the various fun that comes with a large family.
Had a great morning sleeping in until 10:00, took Nathan up to get some breakfast on the Lido deck. DeAnn joined us later and Dennis and Lisa joined up as well. Plans were made to swim and after a few minutes, little Emily and Nathan were kicking it up in the pool with yours truly. DeAnn, Lisa, and Dennis were able to spend some quality time together while I served as a swimming/diving platform. 🙂
DeAnn had a massage scheduled for 3:00, which she says was worth every penny (that I demanded she take….we’re on a cruise darnit…) 🙂 Thankfully Nathan was getting a bit tired, and I was able to take a nice nap with him back in the room. About three hours later, DeAnn came into the room with a nice surprise dinner for me and we were able to get Nathan up to spend some time with his friends.
However, things took a turn for the worse when I found some money missing from my wallet. 20 seconds of thinking traced the thief to one of the kids. About a minute of questioning of the guilty party and, well, I’ll let you guess which Wohlgemuth kid decided that dad’s wallet was an ATM.
After dinner, we finally let the guilty party go (after he did all of the laundry for the family) and DeAnn, Dennis, Lisa & I spent the evening together suffering through Karaoke
Day Nine finds us at our last day at sea. DeAnn and I have come to the conclusion that:
a). A week long cruise is almost too long for this family.
b). The next cruise will be just us.
c). Some kids will never be happy….no matter what you do.
More pictures and stories when we get to shore.