Well, it is the last day of our vacation. Right now I am sitting inside of a McDonalds playplace in north Orlando watching Tyler and Nathan play a bit. It has been a rough vacation overall, but I am still glad we did it. Of course the girls did great, they had their moments but they are slowly evolving into young, intelligent women. Nathan is a typical five year old who is happiest when he is haning upside down on a nice sunny day.
Then we get to Tyler, who is sitting across from me now because he was egging Nathan and another little boy to eat an old, stale French fry inside of the slide, far from parental interference. I do not know what his future will hold, his behaviors on this cruise coupled with his growing size and sense of entitlement are making life impossible for this family. His behaviors seem trivial at the surface, but they never, ever stop. We will see what happens.
No more big vacations for the forseeable future. DeAnn and I will be heading for a weekend in Colorado Springs at the end of this month when I head out there for a meeting. Looking forward to returning to normality very soon……..