Lots of stuff going on here today….
On the home front, we went to a support meeting last night to talk about Tyler. We unfortunately knew more about what could/could not be done than they did. Also, I wasn’t impressed with the idea of “just letting him rage” for the next six years. That does not seem like a solution to me. I got some more video of him raging again (this time, because he wouldn’t stand and talk to us in a respectful manner). Ugh….we’re making calls and he’s up in his room right now, probably asleep since it’s been quiet for over thirty minutes.
Work has been kicking my butt for the last couple of days. Not getting a decent amount of sleep because of being paged out or having crap to do well into the evening. Hopefully will get a good night’s sleep tonight.
Nathan, DeAnn and Hannah are all over at Betty & Jerry watching a groundhog get evicted. Wish I could have seen that, but with Tyler raging….yeah, you get to read this. Emily has been doing really well, she handles longer term goals pretty well. There’s talk about someone getting their driving permit if this continues….we will see.