DeAnn and I have been reading more and more about RAD over the past few months, and everything is starting to click, at least for me now. Let’s talk about breakfast….
Tyler woke up early this morning (thankfully after I did) and after a half hour of TV decided to feed himself. For the most part, we let the kids feed themselves breakfast (except Nathan of course, but he’s getting about 60% self sufficient on that as well). Tyler, after much deliberation, decided on frozen waffles with enough syrup to feed the neighborhood. He promptly tried to eat them in the playroom, but I stopped him before he hit the carpet asking him to sit at the table. He had a mild fit about that, since there is a rule allowing food in the playroom, but then I turned the question on him. Why would I stop him from eating in there, what are the properties of syrup. When he refused to answer, I told him to stick his finger in the syrup, which then provoked the proper response.
While eating breakfast, one interesting thing Tyler said is that he doesn’t want ANY friends. When I pointed out that his rather disgusting eating behaviors (shoving an entire syrup-encrusted waffle in his mouth with a fork) would not do him any favors with the new kids in junior high, he proudly told me several times that he doesn’t want any friends. In trying to read between the lines, friends only lead to trouble since they may want things from you at some point in time. Most of Tyler’s “friends” are usually younger kids who keep giving him things (like GameBoy, games, money, etc). Hopefully this year will at least keep those issues at bay since he’s now the quite low on the totem pole in Junior High.
But once again, it gets back to this damn disorder. No friends, no authority, always in control, always looking for ways to manipulate the system, starting fights between me and DeAnn. We won’t know all of Tyler’s teachers until school starts in four weeks, but I’m quite sure they will see all sides of Tyler.