A good morning went horribly wrong by about 11:00 when Tyler got into one of his defiant moments. In the end, we’re all in tears on the living room floor listening to him recount the abuse he received from his biological mother. An hour later and a brief nap and we’re right back into it again.
Thankfully Emily has figured it out a bit, I think the time on the cruise with the Geraghty/Welch/Schellbaum boys really did put her on the right track. Last night after we got back from Fort Wayne, she was able to spend some time with her old friend outside and for a walk down to the gas station.
But back to the story. Tyler has been asked to read a document about Reactive Attachment Disorder and he’s blatantly refused. He’s screamed for deliverance and we’re holding our own, preventing him from doing anything other than sitting down in the living room. I’m feeding everyone else, but he has to read this aloud to us to understand what is going on. I know it sounds cruel, mean, etc; but dammit it gets back to us asserting our parental authority.
Sorry I’m blogging a bunch about this….I know there are a few interested in reading about it and some who could care less.