Frak, not much to report today. Tyler’s therapist at the center told us that he may be beyond help, most of these things are his choices. He’s also the perfect patient while in their care, which is not surprising. We talked about a couple of long-term facilities, unfortunately the only facilities in Indiana are surprisingly good at taken damaged kids and transforming them into sociopaths!
When you Google Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment, you get page after page of doctors and therapists who can “CURE YOUR KID NOW!”. Unfortunately, the success ratio for some of these places ranges from “miracle cure” to “he’s holding us hostage”. And since most of these places want money up front, my BS detector is in full alert mode. There is one person that keeps coming up as “she really does work!”, but after two e-mails and voice mails and no response, I am losing hope here. She’s in Denver, so hopefully we can at least get some more information when we’re out there next week for my meeting.
I’m hitting up the state tomorrow for any more information they can provide. Everything seems to be out of state which means the state insurance won’t cover it. I’m calling the insurance group as well to see what else can be done. I highly doubt they want to pay for another long term hospitalization (the last one cost almost $100 large) where it does nothing for anyone. The one guy in state is off our list when he was deposed and called all mental illness “a myth”. Ugh, he also does the “rebirthing” thing which ranges from creepy to illegal.