Not much news on Tyler, I’ve made a bunch of calls and we’re starting to get some feedback from various groups/therapists/quack organizations and we’re sorting through the material. There is a LOT of stuff out there, but most will be outside our spending range. Went to “therapy” with him today and it’s the same old Tyler, only more drugged up. Parkview isn’t the answer, but it is respite for the family and hopefully the doctor will call me back at some point to discuss Tyler’s treatment plan.
Took the girls to the “The Dark Knight”. Echo everyone else’s response…WOW, Ledger/Oscar. One thing that did come to mind is how cheesy the entire Batman series has been, and how this was a “grown up, sadistic” version that, well, I liked. I also imagined Kevin Smith directing this…no offense to Kevin, but a Batman full of d*ck and f*rt jokes would have sucked compared to this. 🙂
It’s starting to look like Tyler WILL come home, but on a very short leash and with a definite plan in place after consulting with, well, everyone we can think of. New therapist, new doctor who KNOWS RAD as opposed to the ones who don’t believe it exists. And we’re being coaxed into a program out in Denver which has had great success in turning these kids around. They are sending me their DVD’s and book so that we can understand what they do. Some of it is, well, against what I have always done (that whole personal responsibility thingy…) but we apparently need to build trust with Tyler before we can do anything else. I have tons of questions, and we’re going to a talk about these types of kids by the person who created the program in mid-August.
Other than that, we’re still working on what will be the best for him. Obviously, home is the best place, but we have to balance that against our safety. Good thing lawn mowing season is almost over. 🙂