Oh, this has been a fun one….
#1. Go to “ropes course”. Find out that I can’t do the course. Only one that doesn’t climb the pole of death (no, that’s not what it’s really called).
#2. Have to run back to truck (about a mile, uphill) to deliver goodie bags to team.
#3. Have to leave early, miss out on the remaining fun stuff that I could have done.
#4. Get pulled over for an illegal lane change. (Thankfully, only got a warning).
#5. Get lost, end up taking back road route to airport.
#6. Miss plane cutoff time by literally ONE MINUTE. Even though I could have made it through security, run over the bridge, and been on the plane….no no, Frontier doesn’t allow that. Of course, every OTHER airline has the ability to override the cutoff, but apparently Frontier forgot to invest in that part.
#7. Buy overpriced ticket on Southwest so I could at least get home tonight.
Well, I still have my health (and didn’t break anything on the trip). More pics later….