With the incoming Obama administration, one question that resonates across the disappointed conservative base is the return of government mandated fairness. While some politicians link mandating “fairness” to other items as such limiting pornography or vulgar language; the bigger question is “who” is going to be the judge of fairness.
We have a judicial system, like it or not for all of its idiosyncrasies, which mandates fairness. Rules are followed and judgments are handed out. But there is a difference in how this “fairness” is metted out. Judges only interpret laws that are approved by the legislative and executive branches of government. And in the end, a jury or twelve people sit on each case and decide whether the law, the judge, and the people are prosecuting a “fair” case.
Now we are looking at the return of a number of “fairness” issues. President-Elect Obama talks about leveling the economic playing field, Talk Radio is up in arms about the return of the “Fairness Doctrine” and Congress is looking at making our lives “more fair” through a variety of economic proposals. The question remains, who is going to be the judge of this fairness?
Are the FCC, Congress, or even the Obama Administration good judges of fairness? While some of the people recovering from the group hug/orgasm of Tuesday night might agree, the cold hard reality is government has never a good judge of fairness. If you ask the people of New Orleans or the thousands on public aid, government mandated fairness is slow, stupid, and eventually costs exponentially more in the long run.
The American People and their hard earned dollars are usually the best judge of fairness. If we disagree with something, we stop paying attention. In the media, this means a loss of dollars and eventual bankruptcy. This process has worked for millennia across a wide swath of industries.
While “Change” may have been a mandate this past Tuesday, “Fairness” shouldn’t be one as well over the next four years.