So what do you get when you have a six year old who falls asleep at 15:00 local time? One that wakes up at 00:30 local time.
Nathan totally crashed on the bus tour yesterday and our limited tries to wake him were completely unsuccessful. So I’m up with Nathan at 04:00 as we have watched Scooby Doo, watched parts of Hoodwinked, and have wandered down to the 7-11 to get a couple of donuts and a slurpee.
Today we’re heading out to the Blue Mountains. We’re doing this trip a bit differently since we’re doing it on our own. The tours out there are a bit pricey and the train runs right past the two points we want to visit. We’re looking at a two hour train ride out there, and two hours back. So I’m trying to figure out where Nathan will be (will he be up for a two hour train ride out or should we do the shorter ride to the first stop and then do the long ride back?).
More later, along with pics and other monstrosities of the day.