The first day in any foreign country is usually a wash. In between the lack of sleep on the flight and the excitement of being there; not much really gets done especially with a family. We got off the plane this morning in Sydney around 08:00 (it’s right now 21:18, about 14 hours time difference) and while we were tired, we had to get through customs and hopefully into our room.
After a surprise sandwich was found by the roving beagles, we received a stamp on our declaration papers and were told to “go to the end of the terminal” which to my mind meant “fun with customs!”. Surprisingly, after a couple of turns we found ourselves bypassing the lines and out to freedom. Wandered down to the train station and paid for our Sydney passes (a bit more than expected, but we’ll use them) and we headed off to the hotel.
I’ve only been to Sydney once, and I really didn’t lay out “where” the hotel was in reference to the train station. I knew it was within a block of the station, but the actual distance between “station entrance” and hotel was more like three to four blocks. So for those of you who can imagine the entire Wohlgemuth clan dragging luggage down a major thoroughfare at 9:00 in the morning surrounded by students and business-types, yeah, that probably beats my 200 yd dash in Tampa Airport a few weeks ago.
Got into the room early and promptly cleaned up and headed out to hit Sydney. To our surprise, the “big bus pass” we had didn’t get us on the double decker bus, but on the city run buses which was a bit of a disappointment. We decide at that point (since the other bus company was not doing any favors for us in trying to get the other bus to stop since it would infringe on their business), we decided to walk to the Aquarium to kill some time. A half mile walked slowly turned into a mile plus due to traffic and such, but we got there and wandered through a variety of sharks and crocodiles before we called it and headed out to the bus.
We found the right bus and decided to just putter around town until we got to the hotel for some planned swimming and rest (it was about 14:00 at this point). The bus winded its way through the hills and history of Sydney, bordering on the lines of interesting and annoying (apparently all of the tour drivers here have some sort of psychological problem which causes them to create an annoying persona while they talk about the area). As we went through Sydney’s past, Nathan started tog et more agitated, and then promptly passed out. When we finally got to the stop, he was like a 48 pound sack of potatoes and was not getting up for anything. I slung Nathan over my shoulder once again and carried him to the hotel (with DeAnn doing some of the heavy lifting as well).
We all got into the room and promptly passed out. Nathan was done for the day (at about 15:00, yeah, he’s going to be up early tomorrow) and the rest of the kids and I passed out in successive order. A couple of nie but overpriced pizzas later and we’re all heading to bed hopefully to get an early start on the Blue Mountains in the morning.
Sorry for the lack of pictures today, will have more tomorrow as we attack koalas and kangaroos.