Day Three pics can be found here. Apologies for the poor quality, my lovely new HD camcorder took a dive and may not come back from the murky depths of “not holding a charge” hell. I’m shooting from my iPhone which as you can see does not make a great camera.
Long day yesterday (it’s 07:00 Wednesday here in Aussieland) and we’re getting around so that Nathan can swim and the others can sleep. Took a long train ride (~ two hours) to the Blue Mountains which are quite beautiful. The kids ran around a bit and we rushed through all the sites before we hopped back on the train for an hour ride to the Featherdale Wildlife Refuge.
Featherdale is a great park buried in the depths of Sydney suburbia (literally…house…house…Wildlife park….house) and has a great selection of rescued Australian wildlife. The kids all got to pets Wallabies and Kangaroos and Koala which run wild around the place. Nathan had a run in with a big kangaroo which tried to escape from the enclosure and deicded to use his face as a launch pad. No major injuries, just some hurt pride and such. Long train ride home, but we made it in one piece and crashed in the room.
Plans for today include a museum, possibly a beach, and some other things. Better pics with a different camera later!