Well, vacationing finally beat out blogging. First chance I’ve had to sit down and do some writing…
Just got back from the Roosters/Broncos Rugby match with Emily. Fun times, good to watch in real life what I can only glimpse on Setanta Sports.
Day four was great, Nelson Bay is always a winner even if it rains. Saw lots of dolphins and took the kids sandboarding (like sledding, except on sand dunes). Will try that one of these days.
Day five had us galvanting across Sydney. Opera House tour is well worth the money, Manly Beach is well worth the ferry ride (even if it’s 68 degree water). Ended up at Darling Harbour for a quick meal and souvenirs and crashed at the hotel.
Day six, we hit the museum circuit. Lots of interesting birds, dead animals, and a surprising list of things that will kill you in this country. I think the only safe place to swim right now is in the toilet of the bathroom….
DeAnn and I still love this place, but maybe the sheen has worn a bit. We are all homesick, ready to get on the next flight and put this behind us. It hasn’t been an easy trip, the kids have had their various neuroses about being away from friends and fun. But it was something I think we had to do. This will probably be the last “big” trip for a while. DeAnn and I still love Nelson Bay, and I would move there in a heartbeat except for the distance. Maybe in the future that will change.
Most pics are uploaded, and I’ll get the rest tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow and we’ve got plenty to do before we get on the plane less than 24 hours from now.