Because I somehow talked myself into cooking breakfast this morning.
For those of you that know, I am a terrible cook. I can boil water, follow box directions, and can cook on the grill. But in the kitchen, it’s a completely different type of disaster. In the past I’ve made liquid pizza, squishy goop and cheese, flat cakes, and a variety of other culinary disasters that have taught my kids to avoid my cooking at all costs.
But for some reason I decided (was urged) to give it another go. There were plans for French Toast and I found myself breaking eggs, scurrying for the other materials, and running around trying to piece together something that would resemble French Toast. And I think I was doing well, until DeAnn came along and saved the day and got everything on the right path. I don’t think the kids would have necessarily died from food poisoning, but I probably would have ruined breakfast once again and had not heard the end of it for a while…
One of these days maybe I’ll get it together (or take some cooking lessons). But for now it’s takeout and Hamburger Helper until that happens.