AirTran 825 – MDW to MCO.

Deceptively full flight, nice to have wireless Internet for the entire hop. Full of overtired and wound kids heading to see “the big rat” in Orlando while their parents work feverishly to keep them entertained and quiet while questioning their sanity for even thinking of doing something like this.
Bringing back lots of memories of the dozen plus times we’ve dragged the little ones down on the same pilgrimiage. The benefit here is I get to give nodding glances to the dads acting as pack mules who are carrying a stroller, three carry ons, and possibly a kid or two.
Kids start to whine as we get closer to our stopover. Parents are just wanting to get out of the sardine can with some sanity (and all their bags). Internet on the flight makes it completely bearable. Service on the flight is meh, but for cheap tickets and such, it’s worth the money.
The gate area we are in has an Outback Steakhouse, so we’ll hit that during our three hour layover in MCO. More later.
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