OK, they really get offended when you call it a boat. It’s a ship.

So the boat is really nice. We woke up late and I did a quick run to McDs to avoid the $50 breakfast downstairs. Walked through some nice streets of Old San Juan but the city does have a homeless problem. There’s a book somewhere to find out why these touristy areas have such a high homeless rate (besides the obvious, that’s where the tourists/suckers are).
Hopped on the free trolley/bus ride of doom around old San Juan. Found out we might be able to get on the boat earlier, so we got off the trolley and on shared taxi ride later (with a couple from near Roanoke VA) and we got into the line you saw on FB.
Met the group in Kenn’s suite and we all headed down for the muster drill. Nothing like being crammed together with 100 of your closest friends in 90+ weather. I probably could have rang out my shirt….
We were quite lucky to walk right into Dennis and Lisa on the way back from the drill and Scott and Dawn as well when we headed up to eat. The line was quite large and after some debate it was decided to raid Johnny Rockets.
Of course the food was great and out waiter pulled out every trick he could think of to get a nice tip. Got out of dinner and headed down to the bar to watch the game. We missed most of the first quarter due to Royal Caribbean not carrying NBC but apparently there were enough people screaming and the game was on soon enough.
Kenn and Tina joined us and a few adult beverages later we were all having a great time as usual. While the Bears game didn’t turn out how it should have, everyone had at least fun. At the end ifthey game we all headed to bed to call it a night from day one on the boat.
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