Got up much earlier than expected today. DeAnn and I were ready to go at 7 surprisingly and saw people were getting off the boat quickly and off to Barbados we went.
The tour guides say that Barbados has a flavor of Britain in it since it was under Beitish Rule until 1966. And they are right, if you are just looking at the way the people drive and discussions of cricket matches on the radio. Other than that, it’s a small Caribbean island with the same trinket shops mixed in between massive wealth and abject poverty.
Flipped for the (exceptionally expensive but not unexpected) $60 cab ride to the airport to catch the “Concorde Experience” which has a parked Concorde for your viewing pleasure. Learned more about Barbados as our driver took us on his errand run through the island. After winding through the streets which mirror any Caribbean island, we travelled through the sugar cane and sweet potato fields to get to the airport and today’s
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