Six months ago I was driving down to Indy, getting ready to hop on a table so the doc could have some fun with my innards.
Six months ago I sat outside the operating room as they were getting ready, really wondering “what the hell was I thinking” and “I could just get up right now and walk out the door…”
Six months ago I woke up after surgery with the worst pain of my life and a post-op nurse telling me it will be ok (and in the kindest way to STFU). 🙂
Six months ago….where are we now?
Lost 120 lbs since surgery (188 since I started in 2008)
Lost 16″ of waist
Down from a 5XL to a XL shirt
The first six months are supposed to be the easiest to lose weight. And so far they are right. I am back to where I would consider “normal” as far as my lifestyle is concerned. There is still no “pop/soda/whatever you call it” in the Woogie diet. And while there are a few things back that shouldn’t be, there are many more things that will not come back for a long long time (hopefully).
I held on to two articles of clothing from those times (just like what you see in the commercials). When I reach my goal weight (and the revised goal weight afterwards) we will look to see where I was.
For comparison sake….a couple of pics from pre and post surgery.