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Bear Beat Down

It’s hard to call this game close. In fact, part of me was ready to leave at halftime. I know the whole thing about “being a real fan” and “supporting your team no matter what”, but the product that was given to us this Sunday is far below what they can do.
So, some happy thoughts to begin.
It was a clear day at Soldier Field. We had pretty decent seats. No “99!”‘ers like the last game. People were pleasant and actively discussed the game.
…..and that’s about it for the happy thoughts.
Cutler was flat, I do NOT question his toughness like many other people are willing to do. If you can’t plant your knee without it wobbling all over the damn place, you can’t play the position of QB. Urlacher busted his wrist last year and didn’t play the whole season. I don’t recall too many people questioning his toughness…. And if his teammates are saying he didn’t quit on them, I don’t think he did.
Now, defense. Horrible scheme to start. They did adjust and thankfully the Packers didn’t. Second half was some real Bear defense. Unfortunately we were down 14 at that point, with our 2nd QB (Todd Collins is NOT going to be the hero of the game….the tutu is safe) and thankfully after a couple of miserable series, Caleb Hanie came in.
And Caleb did a fantastic job, for being the 3rd QB and not getting a single rep this week. But at this point it was, too little, too late.
So where does the blame on this loss lie?
Lovie. Seriously. Poor play calling. Poor clock management. Poor preparation. Oh, and deferring the kickoff? Keep Aaron Rodgers on the bench getting cold, this isn’t brain surgery. Especially when you have the all time leading kickoff returner sitting on the bench.
Todd Collins should never have had a Bears uniform on. Lovie, that was your call once again and you blew it.
I could go on and on, but if I was a Green Bay fan I would be concerned. The Bears almost pulled this one out. One play (that pick six by #90) and this game is tied and in OT. The Packers couldn’t do CRAP offensively in the second half. They play calling by the Packers in the second half was almost as abysmal as the Bears. At one point it looked like Aaron Rodgers went to the “Rex Grossman School of Quarterbacking”.
But in the end, I’m OK with this. If Cutler is as injured as people say, he probably wouldn’t be ready for the Superbowl. And knowing this coaching staff, this would mean two weeks of “Todd Collins is our Quarterback”. I wouldn’t want that guy embarrassing us on an even larger national stage.
Part of me is glad this is over. And for the Green Bay fans out there, I wouldn’t be planning any parades down Holmgren Way anytime soon. Pittsburgh sounded much tougher than what you saw anytime this year…


Last summer I was ranked #932 on the Bears Season Ticket Waiting List. A combination of a bad season and tepid economy has now skyrocketed me to the high 200’s. I’m guessing the way the season is looking right now, I’ll have to make a significant payment in a year or two… 🙂

Cirque du Soilei. Super Bowl. WHY?
Oh, and the creepy Colts fan who kept cheering. Needs to be beaten. Bears should be given the game just for that reason…

Da Bears!

Yes, I was there (Kenn was as well). The north end zone. Screaming my head off, partially surrounded by some very chatty Saints fans who got quieter and quieter as the game went on. No pics to share, but oh lord what a game.
In almost mythical fashion, the snow picked up at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The Saints fans left around the same time, wanting to catch earlier flights home.
So now, it will be the Colts (my 2nd favorite team) and the Bears in the Super Bowl. This time, I’ll be at home enjoying the game with the kids….unless someone has a spare Super Bowl ticket they wish to share…

Same Time Next Week

Krystal had a great time (including the two hour tour we took of the Chicago area when I didn’t get us off the bus at the right spot and ended up at Belmont Harbor).

And I’m watching Spongebob Squarepants…..

I Have No Voice Left

What has to be the biggest comeback that I have ever seen. Bears Win!!!!. I swear my neighbors had to hear me screaming when Hester ran that ball back…..

Weekend Entertainment

Last time, it was a blowout of what would be the team that beat us in the playoffs. This time, it’s a team that’s been rebuilding since 1957. 😉 And this time, I had a few more family members along.
Next time it’s Krystal’s turn.

Got Tickets?

Got four for the home opener at Soldier Field against the Detroit Lions. Oh well, if my White Sox can’t beat Detroit, maybe the Bears can…. Think I’ll take the wifey and two kids…anyone want to babysit the others?
Update: Got two more for my neighbor and I for the 49ers game.


Moved up about 400 spots in the Bears Season Ticket waiting line…which isn’t too bad. While I don’t think that pace will be duplicated, I probably will have season tickets in time for Nathan’s High School graduation..