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Six Months

Six months ago I was driving down to Indy, getting ready to hop on a table so the doc could have some fun with my innards.
Six months ago I sat outside the operating room as they were getting ready, really wondering “what the hell was I thinking” and “I could just get up right now and walk out the door…”
Six months ago I woke up after surgery with the worst pain of my life and a post-op nurse telling me it will be ok (and in the kindest way to STFU). 🙂
Six months ago….where are we now?
Lost 120 lbs since surgery (188 since I started in 2008)
Lost 16″ of waist
Down from a 5XL to a XL shirt
The first six months are supposed to be the easiest to lose weight. And so far they are right. I am back to where I would consider “normal” as far as my lifestyle is concerned. There is still no “pop/soda/whatever you call it” in the Woogie diet. And while there are a few things back that shouldn’t be, there are many more things that will not come back for a long long time (hopefully).
I held on to two articles of clothing from those times (just like what you see in the commercials). When I reach my goal weight (and the revised goal weight afterwards) we will look to see where I was.
For comparison sake….a couple of pics from pre and post surgery.



catharsis |kəˈθärsis|
1 the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
I know some people don’t like to hear about my weight loss and the other crap that goes on with my life. So I try to keep those pieces to a minimum on the social networks and other things. But today was one of those weird/special/unique moments that make you say “Hmm, maybe this was all worth it…”
To start with, I did my fastest walking mile EVER. 15:27.7. Not sure what caused it, but I was blazing past everyone; the seniors, the gym rats…pretty much everyone out there. Ended up doing my cool down lap backwards. 🙂
Next was the scale. I’ll put the number up here so you get an idea of where I’ve been. Today was 324.4. In January 2008 that number was 474.4. Down 150 pounds from two years, ten months ago. Of course that includes a failed attempt to get a lap band, the idea that I could do this on my own, and then realizing (in my best Fred Sanford voice) “you big dummy…you can’t do this on your own…”.
Third was the large bundle of clothes in the back of my truck. I ended up dumping a large laundry basket of very large clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have to shop in the “Large & Tubby” section and may have to the rest of my life. But I don’t have to buy everything from a certain store anymore. I don’t have to pay an obnoxious amount of money for a pair of jeans.
Now I know about three months ago I was really starting to regret this. The second day after surgery was really f’ing tough. Some people who have had then gas crap I had post surgery said it was “worse than labor”. But today, now that I have lost 82 lbs since surgery, 150 since I started this mess, and a ton of clothes out the door….it’s starting to look like it was worth it.

So I haven’t blogged since….eww….September…. I guess that’s what happens with Social Media taking over my day to day life. 🙂
Now that we’re well into 2010 (and awaiting the Doom of 2012, which will eventually pass to the Doom of 2017, 2029, 2134…you get the idea), what should I do with this space? I think it’s worthwhile keeping this rolling, but not as a personal site. More of a semi-professional griping space about movements in the world.
Or should I just fill up the space with pics of my kids?

Because I somehow talked myself into cooking breakfast this morning.
For those of you that know, I am a terrible cook. I can boil water, follow box directions, and can cook on the grill. But in the kitchen, it’s a completely different type of disaster. In the past I’ve made liquid pizza, squishy goop and cheese, flat cakes, and a variety of other culinary disasters that have taught my kids to avoid my cooking at all costs.
But for some reason I decided (was urged) to give it another go. There were plans for French Toast and I found myself breaking eggs, scurrying for the other materials, and running around trying to piece together something that would resemble French Toast. And I think I was doing well, until DeAnn came along and saved the day and got everything on the right path. I don’t think the kids would have necessarily died from food poisoning, but I probably would have ruined breakfast once again and had not heard the end of it for a while…
One of these days maybe I’ll get it together (or take some cooking lessons). But for now it’s takeout and Hamburger Helper until that happens.

Postless in Hoosierville

Realized it has been a while since I put something up on the Woogieworld site. I need to start doing this more often (mostly for my devoted fan base of three….you know who you are!). 🙂
There’s so much going on these days. DeAnn is working part time for the Census Bureau, the kids are getting antsy for summer vacation, and I’m looking forward to another summer at home with the kids and work and everything else that goes with it.
Tyler should be back home in a few weeks. This is pretty damn nerve-racking for all of us, but we have the pieces in place if/when things go south again. A summer of camps and groups and school await all of the Wohlgemuth clan. We’ll squeeze in some fun at some point, but as I said before “No Big Trips”. We’re all wiped from travel and I am damn well looking forward to the “adults only” cruise in a few short months.
I’ll start my weekly complaining tomorrow and try to keep this relevant. 🙂

As some of you know, the wifey and I are looking at taking a long weekend away to the left coast. We have miles/tickets to burn on Frontier, and we want to use them while they are still in business. We’ve been looking at puttering around San Diego, but the wifey came up with a great idea of taking a quickie cruise around the Baja area. After looking around a bit, she found a decent cruise on Carnival (where we spent our last vacation).
Fast forward to this morning. After a quick visit to the gym, we get an enlightening call from “Carlos”, our “Personal Vacation Coordinator” from Carnival. He was assigned to us after I had visited their website, and he had noticed that I was looking to visit “The Mexican Riviera”. The problem is I didn’t ask for information, or even log into their website. The only way “Carlos” and Carnival could have known it was me was from a cookie they had put on my computer when I logged into it months ago getting ready for our family cruise.
So be warned, if you go on Carnival for a cruise, be sure to clear your cookies if you ever decide to go back. Otherwise you can expect a nice phone call from Carlos wanting more money from you….

Dear Die-Hard Cubbie Fan,
Please chill. I know your world is crumbling around you, the sun has turned to a ghastly orb, and Billy Goats around the nation are high-hooving each other. And yes, you are 0-2, heading into LA for what appears to be an ignoble finish to a blessed season.
But railing and rooting against the White Sox isn’t going to get you sympathy.
In 2005, I could not believe the vile crap I heard from Cubbies fans who were rooting for the Astros. You know, those Astros who are in the same division as you and routinely used to clobber your asses.
But now that we are both in the 0-2 hole, and we both can probably look forward to an October which is filled with Halloween decorations and avoiding ESPN, here’s the deal.
It’s really simple. Let’s hope that one Chicago team survives that crap and somehow, someway makes it to the ALCS or NLCS. At this point, I don’t care which. While I’ve been a life-long White Sox fan, I would love to see the Cubbies win it all. Even if Ozzie is out swearing at caddies when it happens.
For the first time in 106 years, we have something to celebrate. And in probably two days, we’ll look back on this time and swear and drown ourselves in our favorite beverage and start counting the days until pitchers and catchers report to Arizona.
But until that happens…layoff the crosstown bullshit.

Home & Work

Lots of stuff going on here today….
On the home front, we went to a support meeting last night to talk about Tyler. We unfortunately knew more about what could/could not be done than they did. Also, I wasn’t impressed with the idea of “just letting him rage” for the next six years. That does not seem like a solution to me. I got some more video of him raging again (this time, because he wouldn’t stand and talk to us in a respectful manner). Ugh….we’re making calls and he’s up in his room right now, probably asleep since it’s been quiet for over thirty minutes.
Work has been kicking my butt for the last couple of days. Not getting a decent amount of sleep because of being paged out or having crap to do well into the evening. Hopefully will get a good night’s sleep tonight.
Nathan, DeAnn and Hannah are all over at Betty & Jerry watching a groundhog get evicted. Wish I could have seen that, but with Tyler raging….yeah, you get to read this. Emily has been doing really well, she handles longer term goals pretty well. There’s talk about someone getting their driving permit if this continues….we will see.

Buh-Bye Katie

For those of you who don’t watch Battlestar Galactica (the new series)…just enjoy this lovely picture.
OK, so they whacked Starbuck tonight. Not a surprise since:
a). Most of the reports said they were not killing her off.
b). BSG producers like to screw with peoples minds.
So they big question is what does she come back as next season.
a). A Cylon.
b). A Goddess.
c). Something weird like Gandalf the White.
d). Catch Katie Sackhoff on a very special edition of “Joey”.
I vote for “d”.

Poor Product Placement

Some people may think differently however….