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Obligatory Earthquake Post

Yes, I too woke up to the house shaking. Ended up on the couch downstairs since a certain five year old was hogging up all the space in bed. Thought it was a really bad windstorm but it didn’t stop after a few seconds. Put my hand on the ground and, OMG, it’s an earthquake.
Guessed it was a 3ish one close by from the shaking and lack of panic in the streets. Got the e-mail about it thirty minutes later from the USGS. Krystal woke up, but everyone else slept through it.



Yes, I got an iPhone yesterday.
Why the hell did I wait so long (besides the fear of parting with $500)? Well, I knew a 8GB phone was not going to be enough for the music I wanted to carry. And our contract did not end until today with VZ, so we went out yesterday and grabbed a new phone for the wife and the 16GB for me.
Yes, I know of the 3G upgrade that is “imminently due”, but 3G isn’t going to help me in bumble**** Indiana. I’m thinking of jailbreaking it so I can use some of the 3rd party apps out there, but I’ll probably hold off for now and just wait for 2.0 (unless someone can show me some apps that definitely make it worthwhile to do now…)

The Travel Bug

Yeah, it’s really starting to get me. With everything that is going on, I really am feeling the need to get out and see a few things.

There’s a lot of empty space there….

Hockey Night

Took the kiddies and wifey to the Fort Wayne Komets game tonight. It was a great game, Komets won 3-0. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the game tonight.
This was one of those nights where we went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out. And this guy from Muskegon was on the losing end of it. Started something with one of the Komet players, three or four punches later and the guy was out cold on the ice.
Kids had a blast, so did we. Probably our last game of the year, but it was worth it.

Who Needs An iPhone?

File this under “why didn’t I do this before?”.
I’ve been debating whether to get an iPhone for some sort of connectivity for when I’m out and about, mostly for work but really for when I get bored. So tonight I went to Verizon and snagged a wireless modem (which I’m using right now). It’s pretty peppy, gets around 500k with a crappy signal. And now this means the laptop is almost always in tow…
You know, just in case work calls 😉

The 12 Days Of Christmas

Someone has been playing out the 12 days of Christmas on my buddies doorstep. And now it’s in the local paper….

Each day since Dec. 13 another anonymous gift has been left on Lisa and Dennis Geraghty’s doorstep in Bridgeview.
“I really just wanted to say thank you,” Lisa Geraghty said.
Each gift comes with a tag referencing the 12 days of Christmas, she said.
The gifts have been a boost to the family, which has had its share of bad news this year, Geraghty said. Lisa who suffers from multiple sclerosis was diagnosed in July with a slow-growing malignant brain tumor. She had surgery in September to remove most of it and must undergo chemotherapy for the next year.
“Thinking about past Christmases this would not be my most favorite,” Geraghty said.
But the gifts have helped put Geraghty in more of a holiday mood, she said. “It really kind of renewed my faith and whole Christmas spirit,” she said. “They’ve given us something to look forward to and I want to tell them how kind they are.”
The Geraghty’s who have been married for two years have five children between the two of them. The kids range in age from 10 to 18 and Lisa Geraghty says they are pretty excited about the daily deliveries.

Whoever is doing this, thank you for making this a memorable Christmas for this family….they most definitely deserve it. 🙂

Can’t Trust Anybody

Got a new battery for the truck today. Unfortunately, the code got blown out when they swapped it at WalMart, which means no music for the holiday season. Called the dealership and for $85 bucks they can get the secret code from Honda so I can have music.
So I play dumb and call Honda. After they verified some info, they had me hold down a couple of buttons and five minutes later, music starts pouring out of my radio!
F***ing dealerships….call them back and they are “oh, you did the one and six thing”. Bunch of #&^@#* liars.

Indy Air Show 2007

Pics and video of the Blue Angels shortly. In the meantime…enjoy!
Update: iMovie ’08 is a nice toy….

Now I don’t have to watch my favorite auto show on You Tube anymore!