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Not like this award means anything exciting, but I have to talk about this one…

The first track of this track has been in heavy rotation on the world’s best high school radio station, which a bit of googling brought me to The John Butler Trio.
As my luck usually is, I end up discovering these guys a week AFTER they play Indianapolis. A group of two Aussies and an American ex-pat gives this band a unique sound blending folk, funk, and straight-forward rock and roll into one awesome album.


One who changes keys with every note.
The other who couldn’t hit a correct beat, even when I’m holding their hand.
There is a God, and he likes screwing with our minds…

Not official, but close

Sounds like I’ll be playing with a new band in the near future. More details as things become more official. And it’s a big departure from the usual music I have been playing, but it’s challenging as heck and includes some of the best musicians in Fort Wayne.

Making an Idiot of Myself, Part I

So for those of you who couldn’t make it to the show (which included my entire family….etc), here’s a brief snippet of what you missed. And you probably will be glad you did… 🙂
Update: YouTube still had not processed the damn thing overnight, so it’s been moved over to Google video.


Well, it happened again. This time, I was let go because the rest of the band thought “I had too much going on in my life” and my personal favorite quote…
Well, if we knew you had seven kids right from the bat, we might have looked elsewhere.
Too bad that was the first thing I told them during my tryout……
Apparently the singer and bassist were “paranoid with fear” that I wouldn’t be able to make it to a show and that the occasional rescheduling of practice was “bringing the band down”. I think there were other factors in “their decision” but hey, sh*t happens. 🙂
The last straw was apparently that I wanted notice when they scheduled a show (you know “hey, I’m scheduling a show for this week, everything cool with that?”). But no, they wanted me to clear every weekend on the “possibility” that we might have a show in say, December 15th, six months from now. So instead of making plans, I need to keep things open every single weekend on the “possibility” we might have a show. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a band that has required having every weekend open on the “possibility” of a show, not actually having one scheduled dammit.
DeAnn and I talked, and she’s dead set that I just need to do my own thing, start a band right here around my music and have me lead the damn thing, which is what I’m going to do. I’m probably going to do some re-recording of stuff Dennis and I did a couple of years ago, a bit of tweaking on other things, etc….
I’m also working on getting a copy of the video from our last show together (which was a great show IMHO). When and if that shows up, I’ll throw it on the site.

Prince has been off the radar for years, but after seeing this performance, he’s 100% back in range.

At least as far as my music is concerned…
Been trying to find a band to play in for the last several months. It really really really sucks when you live in the middle of nowhere and everyone wants to be strangely different, so different that they all sound the same. Last night I went and tried out for a band, but from what I’m reading it didn’t go well since they put another update out this morning looking for “musicians” of which I’m guessing I didn’t qualify.

Gotta Love EBay

So I’ve been trying to sell my Tascam 2488 Recording Board and as of right now I’ve had two questions, both dealing with “alternate forms of payment”. The first guy wanted to mail a money order, which I was fine with but right after he sent the e-mail, EBay shut his account down for fraud. OK, so I relist for free and take another swipe at it. Here’s the first question I get on the item…

Hi there i’d like to order your item listed,and i want to use my credit card as a payment method,hope you can procces my card through own merchant account or card machine facility.cause it’s only way of payment term that i’ll do to buy your item.i’ll wait for your reply and response and for further negoitation. thanks you and Sorry to bother you again…also don’t hestinate to email me back.

I have to wonder about the clueless masses out there who would gladly take payment on this from what is most likely a stolen credit card number. The reason people want to avoid PayPal (from what’s I’m guessing) is that PayPal likes to verify who you are in order to use their service. Maybe there’s some other valid reason, but in either case I don’t have a merchant account and there’s no way I could get this to go through in either case.

Andy Summers is a Dick

This is addressed to the guitarists of the world…
Every try to figure out any Police song? Without cheating and grabbing the tab off OLGA?
My question is how such a little twerp can reach across five/six frets on a regular basis without dislocating a digit after each song.
And yes, I admire Andy as a truly awesome guitarist but it would be nice once in a while if he just threw the rest of us a bone and wrote a hit song that didn’t involve excruciating pain. 🙂

A Night at the Opera

Well, I guess it’s not the Opera, but it’s a club that I’m playing my first gig with Nuthin’
114 East Washington St
North Webster, IN 46555
Show starts at 09:00. I’ll put up some pics on Thursday night!