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Nathan is on what is “officially” the worst team in his age group. They won one game during the entire regular season. They had a hard time pitching, catching, hitting…pretty much everything across the board. But as the season went on, the bats started hitting. The fielding got much better. And they honestly became a better TEAM.
So, double elimination playoffs begin. Being the worst team, they got the tough draw. They played their hearts out on Tuesday and beat Rotary. It was a tough game, but they won it fairly. Kids were excited to go up against Fredericks (the “best team in the league”).
After the game was rained out on Thursday, we met Friday up in Roanoke. Game started off slow, and after a few errors and good hitting on Fredericks part, we were down 10-6. But these kids fought back. Nathan’s team got some timely hitting and a few walks to pull ahead 12-10.
That’s when the fun begins….this is the team where the coach chewed out the entire group of seven and eight year olds LOUDLY for watching the ball while they ran to base, or looked at their mom in the stands.
Our last kid gets up to pitch and he gets a quick out. Two more to go. Then one kid on the bench starts saying “Pitcher look at me, I’m a monkey in a tree”. That throws him and the entire team jumps in. This goes one for four batters and over five minutes. Finally our kid was in tears as these kids ripped into him while 20 parents and three coaches stood by and LET IT HAPPEN. Our kid tried to pitch through but eventually the last run was walked in and we lost 13-12.
I had a chat with the board member who was at the game and he said there’s nothing wrong with it. The coaches on Fredericks seemed fine with it “A win is a win”.
And in the end, the parents, coaches, and kids won the game because they got into a eight years olds head and made him cry.


I Always Hated Cole Hall

Thankfully, the toll was not higher. And no, this does not mean we need metal detectors in every door.
Update: Damn, six dead. Seeing my old stomping grounds (I had a couple of classes in Cole hall, the media is setup in front of Altgeld Hall (the castle).

Virginia Tech

I have to echo Derek’s sentiments about the whole VTech massacre (which was close to my friend Greg’s home near Roanoke). But I’m seeing a trend forming in the media surrounding this incident.
#1. Gun Control.
#2. Putting away “Psycho” People.
#3. Increased Security.
Unfortunately I see all three “solutions” as bad. Gun Control has failed miserably, not because it is not strict enough, but the “guns=bad” culture that has developed has scared sh*tless most people from guns.
Putting away people with emotional or personality disorders is just barbaric. We tried this up until the 1970’s and it didn’t make the problem any better, it just put good people in cages.
And slapping a metal detector on every door is a money consuming waste of time. Start getting in peoples way and they will figure a way around it.

Interesting e-mail from Vonage this morning…

As a convenience to you and to reduce unnecessary emails, starting next month we will no longer send you monthly billing notification emails.
If you wish to continue receiving your monthly billing notification emails, simply contact Vonage Customer Care and ask to have this option turned back on.

Of course, they want you to CALL Vonage, not “click here to keep getting these e-mails”, not “click here to access your account”. Just call us to keep getting reminders that we’re taking your money.
Thank god for Local Number Portability.


Honestly, this was the first thing I thought of when saw this picture…

Who Is Manipulating Who?

There obviously has been talk of the “staged” photos coming out of Lebanon, but this video has to be one of the most damning pieces of evidence overall.
This video is NOT for the squeamish. It also shows what lengths Hizboallah is willing to go to get public opinion on their side.

Long Nights, Part Five

Tyler went back into the hospital last night. Will have more details later on, this place seems to know what they are doing.

White Sox lose this afternoon 2-1 in an easily winnable game (three double plays by Detroit and at least one time when bases were loaded). I of course left the game at the top of the sixth when the White Sox were up 1-0, and then they give it up in the bottom of the 6th and 7th.
Oh well, at least I had a good time with my fellow coworkers (and a few Detroit fans as well).
Linky to all photos here.

I really hate roller coasters. With a passion. I don’t like the idea of being out of control and trusting some lackey to make sure the safety bar is down far enough to prevent my plump ass from being ejected at 60+ mph.
That being said…enjoy the video. The ride BTW, is the Barnstormer at Disneyworld. Some of the scream are embellished by yours truly. Some are not.

When The World Is Against Your Kid

And no, I’m not exaggerating….
Got a call tonight from Tyler’s baseball coach about last night’s activities. Here’s a bit of a review.
Last night Tyler and his friend went to practice before Tyler’s game. During practice, Tyler became sick, threw up a bit and said he didn’t want to play. Now DeAnn and I have been through this before with Tyler and his numerous visits to the nurses office when he really wants to or doesn’t want to do something. Tyler will get himself worked up to the point where he vomits. Old news, but it happens.
So last night, DeAnn gets to the game and finds out Tyler was sick. OK, no big deal, explain it to the coach (since he’s not “sick” anymore and he’s wanting to practice with his friend). Coach decides to bench him for the game. Not a problem, DeAnn and I support the decision and we stay to watch the game (so that Tyler doesn’t get “rewarded” for his choice of behaviors). Several times during the game, Tyler decided he wanted to play and asked his coach if he could play. The answer was “No”. His team won and at the end of the game, Tyler apologized to his coach and told him what happened (he really wanted to pitch, not going to happen his first year in the league).
Fast forward to today. Get a call from his coach stating that he has “concerns” about Tyler and his reaction speed at the plate. He’s concerned that Tyler won’t dive out of a pitch fast enough. OK, no big deal, we can take care of that, but I think you have other kids on the team who have had the same issue this year.
Then we get to the nitty gritty. Tyler ticked him off. Big time. So much that he wants him off the team so that “he never has another night like that again”. I explain to him about Tyler’s illness, but he doesn’t seem concerned. He’s called the league office and wants him off the team. For asking his coach to play.
If this was a league where kids tried out and were expected to play at an advanced level, I could understand. But this is Huntington County Baseball. A league where “everyone” is welcome regardless of skill sets.
Tyler has a game tomorrow night. My guess will be that he will be told he isn’t on the team anymore (with only two weeks in the season left) and we’ll be screwed to get him on another team. Season over.
All because my kid asked to play.
Update: Tyler’s first hit was on Tuesday and the Zaptruder-like video (I was watching Nathan on the other side of the parking lot) is here.