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More Pics

Dennis & Lisa have uploaded their family pics from our cruise as well. Enjoy!


Well, here’s the first pass on the trip video….

I’ve got some more from Maho Beach and other places, that will be added as time allows in the future. Most of the pics can be found here. More later….

Last Day

Well, it is the last day of our vacation. Right now I am sitting inside of a McDonalds playplace in north Orlando watching Tyler and Nathan play a bit. It has been a rough vacation overall, but I am still glad we did it. Of course the girls did great, they had their moments but they are slowly evolving into young, intelligent women. Nathan is a typical five year old who is happiest when he is haning upside down on a nice sunny day.
Then we get to Tyler, who is sitting across from me now because he was egging Nathan and another little boy to eat an old, stale French fry inside of the slide, far from parental interference. I do not know what his future will hold, his behaviors on this cruise coupled with his growing size and sense of entitlement are making life impossible for this family. His behaviors seem trivial at the surface, but they never, ever stop. We will see what happens.
No more big vacations for the forseeable future. DeAnn and I will be heading for a weekend in Colorado Springs at the end of this month when I head out there for a meeting. Looking forward to returning to normality very soon……..

Blogging is a great tool, since it allows me to cover so many facets about life, the universe, and everything and be able to get it to all of you in such a short amount of time. Today was our day at sea, and we literally covered every conceivable emotion in the Wohlgemuth family between the kids, the ship, and the various fun that comes with a large family.
Had a great morning sleeping in until 10:00, took Nathan up to get some breakfast on the Lido deck. DeAnn joined us later and Dennis and Lisa joined up as well. Plans were made to swim and after a few minutes, little Emily and Nathan were kicking it up in the pool with yours truly. DeAnn, Lisa, and Dennis were able to spend some quality time together while I served as a swimming/diving platform. 🙂
DeAnn had a massage scheduled for 3:00, which she says was worth every penny (that I demanded she take….we’re on a cruise darnit…) 🙂 Thankfully Nathan was getting a bit tired, and I was able to take a nice nap with him back in the room. About three hours later, DeAnn came into the room with a nice surprise dinner for me and we were able to get Nathan up to spend some time with his friends.
However, things took a turn for the worse when I found some money missing from my wallet. 20 seconds of thinking traced the thief to one of the kids. About a minute of questioning of the guilty party and, well, I’ll let you guess which Wohlgemuth kid decided that dad’s wallet was an ATM.
After dinner, we finally let the guilty party go (after he did all of the laundry for the family) and DeAnn, Dennis, Lisa & I spent the evening together suffering through Karaoke
Day Nine finds us at our last day at sea. DeAnn and I have come to the conclusion that:
a). A week long cruise is almost too long for this family.
b). The next cruise will be just us.
c). Some kids will never be happy….no matter what you do.
More pictures and stories when we get to shore.

Today was our last order of call, St. Maarten (or St. Martin, if you are a snooty French person). This was our “big day out” with the combined Wohlgemuth/Geraghty/Welch family and our visit around the island.
St. Maarten is an island divided, one side is Dutch and the other side is French. We met our tour manager Bernard who led us to our tour guide Thomas. After some haggling, we were able to get a fully private tour (with 13 people, we’re already larger than most tour groups). 🙂
First stop was in and around Phillipsburg, a quick souvenier stop where we literally found trinkets and that was it (sorry Deb, we must have hit eight different stores….zero for eight). A quick drive through the rest of Phillipsburg brought us to Maho Beach. For those of you that aren’t aviation geeks, Maho Beach is at the end of Princess Juliana airport which is the second busiest airport in the Caribbean. The planes literally clear your heads by 20-30 feet. As you can see below. Video of a 737 landing which we were lucky enough to witness will be uploaded once we’re on land.
After we left Maho, we spent lunch on the beach where the kids (and one adult) had a great time in the sand. After a lunch to forget, we spent the rest of the afternoon touring around the island, seeing it’s wildlife as shown below….
Great tour from our guide Thomas who really customized the tour for what we wanted to see. We’re all getting ready for dinner, etc and most of us are pretty wiped at this point. Looking forward to a quiet day at sea tomorrow….

Day Six: St. Thomas

Full day today taking the kids around St. Thomas. Did lunch at Hooters (Tyler’s idea….what a shock) and we dod get some time at Magen’s Bay. Beautiful place, but I think we’re getting tired of the heat and such. Lots of pics, too many to upload now so this will have to suffice.

Taking nine kids on a ship is better than any soap opera on this planet (yes, even better than the awful Japanese ones DeAnn and I suffered through in Hong Kong). Not many pictures today, here’s a good one I got earlier of Hannah, Emily & Nathan.
Been nice for Dennis, Lisa, DeAnn and I to spend some time chatting and catching up on the world and everything that has happened. For those on the Geraghty/Welch side…yes, they are having a good time!
I’m up now, literally in the hallway in front of our rooms as we go through six foot seas waiting for Hannah, Justin, and Steven to get back from their time with their friends. Tomorrow is St. Thomas and I will try to upload some nice pics from that little excursion.

We’re on our way to St. Thomas today, spending a day at sea today. Took Nathan and little Emily swimming in the pool today, both kids went down the big waterslide twice. Will upload pictures from that sometime later.
The ship is getting to St. Thomas late tomorrow due to a headwind and 6-10 foot seas. Makes you feel drunk walking down the hallway without investing in alcohol. We’re all having a good time, not many pics today but I’ll try to make up for that tomorrow.

Internet is quite expensive out here at sea, so I’ll try to blog as much as I can in as little Internet time as necessary.
Day Three was….interesting. Attitudes and fears and whatever have thankfully evaporated away into a fun time for all.
Today we stopped at Nassau for a brief tour of the city. Spent a few hours visiting Atlantis, the largest, best, etc, etc, etc resort in the world. We were done in an hour. Had Steven and Justin with the Wohlgemuth Crew while Dennis and Lisa went to Senor Frogs. We’re all a bit beat, but we’re having fun. Kids are doing a good job now that they have made friends, sorted out each other’s habits, and are now playing well and having fun. This is a good ship for families, but we’re all now talking about an adult cruise sometime next year. Australia looks to be pushed to 2010 for sure….
More later, hope you enjoyed the highlights for the last couple of days. Due to bandwidth and wallet restrictions, these are all the pictures I can share at the moment! More later!

Nice buffet breakfast this morning at the hotel/surf shop. We’re packing, getting ready to get on the ship shortly. Running Dennis back to return his rental car in a few, then I’ll shuttle the group over to the port just after the shark feeding. No, the kids aren’t being volunteered as chum, they have Caribbean Reef Sharks in the surf shop connected to the hotel. More later….