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On Call

It’s Friday and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a long weekend.
I’m backing up a couple of my colleagues as they walk for Breast Cancer research this weekend. The walk is literally all weekend, so I expect they will be pretty worn out by Monday. There was a request made for a chaser vehicle stocked with “Wine and Ibuprofen” but alas I will be behind the screens ensuring a lack of chaos on the global network.


I’ve had better days….

Oh, this has been a fun one….
#1. Go to “ropes course”. Find out that I can’t do the course. Only one that doesn’t climb the pole of death (no, that’s not what it’s really called).
#2. Have to run back to truck (about a mile, uphill) to deliver goodie bags to team.
#3. Have to leave early, miss out on the remaining fun stuff that I could have done.
#4. Get pulled over for an illegal lane change. (Thankfully, only got a warning).
#5. Get lost, end up taking back road route to airport.
#6. Miss plane cutoff time by literally ONE MINUTE. Even though I could have made it through security, run over the bridge, and been on the plane….no no, Frontier doesn’t allow that. Of course, every OTHER airline has the ability to override the cutoff, but apparently Frontier forgot to invest in that part.
#7. Buy overpriced ticket on Southwest so I could at least get home tonight.
Well, I still have my health (and didn’t break anything on the trip). More pics later….

Busy Day

Took a brief trip out to the Air Force Academy, lots more pics tomorrow (since I left the camera in the truck).

Colorado Again

This time…well….it may involve serious injury (probably knot….), but it should be interesting. Driving to Colorado Springs shortly, getting some work caught up in the airport while I grab a quick lunch, then off to the rental car.

Finally Home

Finally walked in the door and kicked off the good shoes. Trying to relax and get the kids for bed….I’m wiped.

Sitting in O’Hare waiting for my flight home. The earlier flight was delayed, but the doors closed on it about five minutes before we landed. Oh well…..
I’ll post the few good pics I got on the trip, just glad to be going home…

Road Tripping Again – KC

Well, I’m working out of a conference room in KC for the next few days. Nothing exciting to talk about, but did get a good pick of Midway (for the plane geek in me…) while lining up to land at O’Hare.
Ripped a hole in the side of my pants, so I had to run downstairs and swap pairs. That’s been the most excitement so far. Looks like my Thursday morning meeting is cancelled, so I’m going to try to fly home early (that is, if United will let me). More later….

Work Travel….Again

In Raleign, NC today for a meeting tomorrow. First time on an E170 which wasn’t bad. Our RJ driver from FWA decided that she was in a hurry and thankfully our flight didn’t make the news. More later.

Capitol Blogging

In DC for a day for a quick meeting with my largest (and best) customer. Flew in on a plane that is only a few years younger than I.
Northwest DC-9/30
After I landed in BWI, got the really nice Nissan Pathfinder and headed down 295 to my hotel. Unfortunately Google Maps is quite sure that you can break traffic laws and after a very nice tour of the non-touristy parts of DC, I finally found my hotel (about three blocks from Arlington National Cemetery).
Company put me up in the Hotel Palomar….fancy place, valets everywhere. Good thing I had some cash for tips and such. Decent view of the Potomac, and the room is incredible. Then again, I’d be happy staying at a cheaper place where I could get my car without a headache and drive around.
If I had more time, I’d take a walk around for a bit, but I’m beat and I think I’ll just grab a snack and enjoy a quiet evening in front of the TV. More later!


Well, this has been the most interesting work trip so far….
a). Flight delayed/cancelled. Panic runs through airport to make connections that inevitably are delayed.
b). Rental car goes bye-bye. Got to Denver so late, the place I usually depends on went home for the night. Got screwed by another company which I will NEVER use again.
c). Got a nice cold brewing. Got to the room at 02:00 EST last night and slept about two hours in total.
Yeah, this has been fun….